Sunday, August 31, 2014

In Summer!

Bees buzzed and our kids blew lots of dandelion fuzz and this is what we all did this summer:

We had a graduation (and a first-time Daddy-daughter road trip for Elizabeth.) We're so proud of Aunt Kim and are super excited for her freshman year at BYI-Idaho!

Two alums of Mexico Academy

We had a family reunion!

The whole gang for a fireworks/bbq/dance party extravaganza

Playground fun with Cousin Isaac

Living room fun with Cousin Timothy
The kids LURVE their Aunt Amy

Good quality sister time

Aunt Amy, Dad, and Aunt Jill all turned 60 this year so we had a fiesta to celebrate.

A fiesta complete with pinata, Cafe Rio, and a "photo booth" with props

BJ and Adam got a lot of good Bro Bonding Time.

It filled my heart to bursting to see my kids and my brother having so much fun together.
 Other family reunion activities included fire-fly catching, many trips to the lake, Frozen and Lego Movie showings, a canoe trip down the Huron River, disc golf, a girls' day out at the salon, and a cousins' dinner out. Oh, and lots and lots of late night talks that we never wanted to end because we were all so glad to be under one roof together.

But the summer was only half over! We still had . . . 

Cotton Candy! At every opportunity!

Fun on bounce houses!

Fun on slip-and-slide bounce houses!
 Don't forget Pioneer Day!

Stick Pull. Can you guess who won? 
President Bria taking on his first counselor.
Now that's a good way to resolve any tension in the Branch Presidency.

And guess who learned to ride her bike without training wheels.
We also had swimming lessons!

Eddie being brave in the deep end
 And dance lessons! 
Taught by neighbors Maddie and Allia. For $3/lesson. Adorbs.
 We rode some ponies.

 And some boats.

And some see-saws.
You can see me behind Charlie, so innocent, not knowing what pain and humiliation awaited me.
 And we saw as many fireworks displays as we could.
With the Li's at Wharton Canal Day, which, btw, have the best fireworks show we've ever seen.
I'm so sad summer is ending. The weather has been so wonderfully mild and the kids are old enough to really enjoy swimming, staying up late, catching fireflies, and all the wonderful things we love about this time of year. I hope next summer is just as awesome.