Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Four Years Old

The triplets turned four years old today. Here's a little profile of each one and what they're up to these days:


Charlie is our little athlete. If it involves a ball, he loves it. He's taken an interest in soccer, which Adam is happy to encourage, so he got a tot-sized soccer ball and pop-up net for his birthday. At our family reunion in July, he even tried his hand (and foot) at ping-pong and hacky-sack with the adults. 

Charlie is also our most tender-hearted of the three. Every night as I tuck him in, I'll say, "I love you." He'll respond, "I love you" back. Then I'll say "Sweet dreams," and he'll say, "sweet dreams," as he curls up into a ball under his blanket. He also has developed the habit of crying out, "How you dare!" with the appropriate shock and indignation when his feelings are hurt, as well as shouting, "You'll never love me anymore!" when I get angry. ???

Charlie loves swimming and developed enough skill and strength in lessons this summer to be able to swim in the deep end (supervised.) And he loves loves loves jumping off the diving board. He loves playing with train tracks and building blocks, as well as tea party with his big sister. We sure love our little Chuck-E-Cheese.


Eddie continues to be the biggest of the three, having grown this summer to be an whole inch taller than his brother. Eddie also continues to be obsessed with all things Buzz Lightyear and now owns FOUR Buzz Lightyear dolls. He just received the big kahuna, the actual life-sized Buzz for his birthday today. He's got it tucked under a blanket next to his bed as he sleeps tonight.

Eddie is also still very independent and enjoys his alone time. When he does play with his siblings, it usually involves him being either the super hero chasing the bad guys, or being the bad guy chasing the good guys; either way there's a lot of chasing and shrieking and, unfortunately, fighting in the end. Speaking of chasing, there is no end to the amount of energy this kid possesses. After a full day of playing in the park, riding on his scooter, and swimming in the pool, he'll still be running laps around the living room at 7 o'clock at night. The only thing he does slowly is . . . everything I ask him to do he doesn't want to do.

Eddie loves mac and cheese with a passion. He loves to help me make lunch and dinner and smash the strawberries for Saturday Pancake Day. He can't sit still long enough to draw pictures, but he'll sit in front of a pretend drum set (with bowls, pans, and chopsticks) and play "rock and roll" forever. And when he's calm enough to give them, his hugs and kisses are the sweetest. We love our Eddie Bear.


We'll often be out and about in the neighborhood, and someone will say hello to Lucy, calling her by name. She'll ask me, "How do they know me?" and I'll respond, "Everyone knows who you are, Lucy." And it's true. Her reputation precedes her. She is a firecracker if ever there was one. When you are part of her "fravrites," you will be showered, nay, smothered with love and affection. But if you cross her, watch out!

Lucy still loves to make people laugh. She'll cross her eyes and stick her tongue out just so, and you can't help but giggle. But lately, if we crack the slightest smile and something funny she does inadvertently, she'll run and hide in grumpy embarrassment. Which, of course, only makes us laugh all the more. 

Lucy loves coloring. She loves it so much, she doesn't just stop with paper, but has spread her art to walls in almost every room in our home. She's even fallen asleep coloring. She loves to swim and moves her body in this awesome dolphin-y undulation that makes her look like a little mermaid. She LOVES dogs. She will run as fast as she can on her little legs to chase after any and all dog walkers in the park to ask them, very politely, if she can pet their dog. Then she'll revel in the sloppy doggie kisses and beg me to get a puppy of her own. (So not happening.) She loves building with the Duplos, playing house with Elizabeth and her brothers, and looking at books. She's even begun to sound out words and can read simple sentences. Oh, and she bites. Lucy BaGoosey is a cutsie for sure.