Sunday, May 26, 2013

Easter 2013

It's been a while since I posted some pictures of the kids, so here's a recap of our Easter. It's still May so it's technically still spring. So I'm totally legit.

For the first time ever, I got to make four Easter baskets and get really excited doing them. Elizabeth's special gift was Tinker Bell wall stickers, Lucy got a hair clip to match her (hand me down) Easter dress, and the boys got the ties in the pic above. Thank you, Target dollar bins. 

They all also got nets to catch butterflies, or fairies!

But these are the only things they ever caught . . . 

Even though they'd already done an egg hunt at a friend's birthday party, I still had all this candy and all these eggs, so . . . we did another one!

Charlie took it very seriously . . . 
Can you see the hidden egg?
I found one in there!
Lucy was finding eggs, and looking good doing it.

 And Eddie, after he'd found a few, plopped down and started to eat the candy. 
Elizabeth? I don't have any good pictures of Elizabeth hunting for eggs, and this is why:

The next day, Easter Sunday, we got duded up in our new Easter outfits. 

Handsome Boys

Our sweet Elizabeth
 After church and a nap, we went over to some friends' house for Easter dinner. They have two (now three) of their own, and most of the people they invited had kids, so it was crazy. Fun, but crazy. The kids did ANOTHER egg hunt. And we got them all to do this:

All in all, it was a great Easter weekend. I hope our kids got the message of Easter, through all the candy and eggs and fun. We "read" scriptures (ie. looked at pictures in the Gospel Art Kit) all through the week, going over each day leading up to Resurrection morning. I have no idea how much a 4 or 2-year-old brain can understand things like death and suffering and forgiveness. Even trying to explain the concept of the Resurrection was difficult. But this mama knows it's real and that He lives. And I trust that someday they will, too. So happy Easter/Spring! 

Here comes summer!

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