Saturday, January 25, 2014

Adam's Book of Love

Monday, January 20th was Adam's 32nd birthday. This year, I decided to do something a little different. Christmas was somewhat of a disappointment for him; I think I put too much thought and effort into the kids' gifts and Adam felt like mine weren't very thoughtful. Plus, I basically bought myself a bunch of gifts and had him wrap them and give them to me from him. But that's just making it easy for him, right? Anyway, I wanted to do something a bit more meaningful, so about a month before his big day, I started contacting all of Adam's family and friends that I could find info for. I asked everyone to send something personal, a note or a letter, an mp3 or some photos, anything that would make Adam feel loved, and I'd put it all in a book for him. I was very pleased with the results. 

I had Elizabeth decorate the cover. She's pretty amazing when it comes to arts and crafts, if I do say so myself.

I just put the letters and pics in sheet protectors. The kids each colored a portrait of Adam (Elizabeth's is showing). 

Other people got creative, too. Two of the former missionaries that served in our ward when Adam was the Ward Mission Leader made these. I love them.
A tribute to Adam by Skyler Thiot

Our family illustrated by Crys Kevan Lee

Aren't they amazing? 

Hernan, who stayed with Adam a few years ago while the kids and I were in California for a few months, sent him a huge CD of songs and this photo collage.

I also received a lot of awesome pictures from Adam's earlier years, like this gem:

as well as this pic that I'd never seen before, sent from my aunt:

Just having the digital copies of so many old pictures was a great blessing. There was even a hand-crafted card and a Oscar Meyer Weiner whistle awaiting Adam in his Book of Love. I think he was also really touched by all the heartfelt letters people wrote. All in all, it was a lot of fun to put together, as I hope it was for everyone who contributed. So here's to Adam and all the 32 years he's blessed our lives. Happy birthday!

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  1. A truly beautiful idea for a gift! Thanks for sharing it with us!